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Something New: A Rolling Press/Analysts Tour

In a perfect world, you book a series of in person meetings in Silicon Valley, metro New York, metro Boston and by magic, you have a press & analysts tour to tell your story to the world.

The world we now live in is not so perfect.

-Travel is a bit more challenging.

-Not everyone we want to reach "really" lives in these metro areas.

-People are busy.

-There is an overload of "news."

Regardless, I still believe in press tours.

So, we are now adopting to the world of what I call a "rolling press tour."  We are working on a major product announcement that will be introduced at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas which takes place in January.

From October – December, we are going to send our client on the road to meet with leading journalists, analysts, bloggers and thought leaders.  The news will be under embargo until January and the people we are working with are agreeing to sit tight on the announcement because of the agreements we have in place with them to honor the embargo.

In some cases where we can’t physically meet, or traveling isn’t practical, we’ll do conference calls. 

I’ll post an update on how the tour is going throughout the fall.  As of now, we’ve done our initial planning, messaging, and have our press kit in the works. 

Even though it’s 98 degrees in Texas, we’re in the mind-set of it being a chilly January evening in Las Vegas, with hopes that our client’s announcement will have caught the mind’s eye their industry.

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