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Software Development With A Purpose – An Update With Yazam Software’s Assaf Kindler

In early November of this year, I met Assaf Kindler at the DLD Conference in Tel Aviv.  He shared his story, which I posted here on the idea of bringing Israeli and Palestinian software developers together for joint development projects.

Assaf Kindler, Founder / CEO Yazam Software

Originally born at the Peres Peace Center outside of Tel Aviv, the project was spun off into a business, which Assaf turned into Yazam Software. 

While certainly a compelling and heart felt idea, the realities are that businesses who call on companies like Yazzam for services, they have to be price competitive, technically competent and deliver quality. 

 Last week, I had a chance to catch up with Assaf again at the Peres Peace Center during my recent visit to Israel.  

We talked about market opportunities in cloud, mobile, and leveraging his competitive advantage of location and the mixing of two unique and very skilled development teams that delivers as promised.



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