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Social Media Strategies – Facebook’s Refresh Can Help You Refresh Your Facebook / Social Communications Strategies

This is not a post about what to do next with Facebook’s refresh.  

There’s tons of great coverage already there that is more of the how and not a whole lot on why.


Clearly the wind’s blowing in a new direction, but you don’t have to do a knee-jerk response to yesterday’s Facebook announcements. Photo by me shot near Cottonwood Falls, KS. (c) 2011

Facebook’s Refresh Can Help You Refresh Your Own Facebook / Social Communications Strategies

Before you jump in and decide to redecorate the house, step back and ask what’s worked in the past, where do you need to clean up a bit, and what your communications goals are for 2012.

Simple, articulated statements from your management team are a practical place to being the process.  

It’s Not Just About Facebook

Let Facebook’s refresh help be the catalyst for what could / should be next with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+ and so on.  

For some, Flickr may be it.  

For others, AOL…. yes, AOL.  

Or Farmville.

Or the local church.

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