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So, What’s News?

The PR business is all about generating interest in products and service with the ultimate goal of generating new sales, creating loyal customers,and keeping your business in the eyes and minds of your public. So, whatmakes something worth paying attention to? Usually, it’s news value. So, what’s news?

We know that information that isn’t “news” is unlikely to get any play in the media. We’ve been told repeatedly that if we want to be noticed we should keep our company or product name appearing on people’s desks regularly.  So, how do we go about identifying “what’s news” in your organization?

Take stock of your products and services; your customers; ways your products and services are being used; new developments; the people in your organization; how your company, products and services stack up against the competition; trends in the industry; any relationships to other newsworthy events; ways your products or services solve problems; and new ideas for using your products or services.

Sometimes your imagination can help you create news value. Comments from your customers and reports from your sales and service staff can bear kernels of newsworthy information. Reading the trade journals and vertical-market publications can spark ideas. How does your product stack up in a survey? Is there a new way your product or service is being used by a customer that you can generalize to other potential customers? Does your product or service or an application thereof portend a new direction in the industry?

Can you save money, time, or other resources for your customers? Can you ease  worries about security, reliability, or accuracy? Can you provide relief from spam, downtime, or upgrade costs? Can you simplify training or integration, or increase ease-of-use? Can you help increase productivity, reduce physical strain, or free personnel from drudgery? A “yes” answer to any of these questions can provide the key to a news story.

Every day you should be thinking, “what’s news in my organization?” “What would the public like to know about us?” “What’s cool about what we do or what we can help others achieve?”

A creative partner can help you look at your business with fresh eyes and help find the news in what may have become routine for you. A quality PR firm can help you plan a strategy not only for developing new products and services to satisfy the market, but products and services that generate excitement and gain attention, as well.

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