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So Now What Do I Do With SAtechBlog?

When I started my other blog, the main intent was to showcase the cool and very smart people who live here in San Antonio involved in our technology community and create a conversation. 

Add in a bit of lifestyle, humor, fun, and great places to shop, eat and play and you’ve got the making of an amazing place to live, raise a family, and create wealth.

Then, I became an AT&T Lightspeed trial user.

What was intended to be a week-long review cycle of my impressions from the vantage point of an end user, has now quickly morphed into something much greater than I even dreamed. 

If I intended this to be a blog about Lightspeed, or IPTV, I would have called it something else.  Maybe "" 

So…I checked into the URL, and it was already taken.

Then, I tried "" and it was available, so I now own the URL.

What to do going forward?  For now, maybe a hybrid.  I want to stick to my knitting about the wonderful technology community I live in, and want to continue with my blogging about Lightspeed and IPTV. So for now, I have decided to combine a bit of both on what is happening in San Antonio and my Lightspeed IPTV trial.  This will be effective next week.

Thanks for reading my other blog and all the wonderful emails.  Keep them coming and I will do my best to respond and listen.

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