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So I Run Into Jeff Pulver Partying With a Few Friends In Tel Aviv

When you are partying, the heck with jet lag.

I really needed to crash and get some sleep, but instead I attended The Marker’s Internet Party at my hotel.  I was with my son, Aaron, who is a Freshman at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and Yossi Vardi (who was the founding investor in Mirabilis, which was sold to AOL and re-branded at AOL Instant Messenger or AIM), was kind enough to extend Aaron an invitation as well.

Dsc_0060_2I met some of Israel’s latest generation of Web 2.0 entrepreneurs, including Oded Felled, who has a very compelling technology platforom in IP TV broadcasting

Cruising the room, who do see: our client and buddy, Jeff Pulver, (center in photos) who will be speaking tomorrow on disruptive broadcasting.

So far, day one has gone quite well. 


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