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Smart Phones / Dumb Apps; Client @danielcornell, Expert Source for Threat Modeling for Mobile Applications

Enterprises are targeting both internal users and customers with smartphone applications for platforms such as Apple iPhone and Google Android.

Dan Cornell: Smart Phones, Dumb Apps from owaspmsp on Vimeo.

  • Many of these applications are constructed without fully considering the associated security implications of their deployment. 
  • Breaches can impact both users and the enterprise distributing the application as attackers take advantage of expanded access to sensitive data and network services. 
  • Client, Dan Cornell, CTO of DenimGroup discusses in this talk delivered at the December 7, 2010 OWASP Minneapolis-St. Paul (OWASP MSP) chapter meeting the emerging threats associated with deploying smartphone applications.

If you are a journalist, blogger or industry analyst doing year end trends stories on application security, please contact me – alan at weinkrantz dot com and I will connect you with Dan.

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