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Sir Paul McCartney Live – on the Dave Letterman Show + My Pal, Kenny, recalls being 11 years old and seeing the Beatles – live on the Ed Sullivan Show


So last night, Sir Paul McCartney and band members, Brian Ray, Rusty Anderson & Co performed at the same theater where the Beatles made their U.S. debut on the Ed Sullivan Show.

My dear and long time friend, Kenny P. was there as an 11 year old kid way back in 1964.  

Here’s his story…

It was just a lucky thing. My mother’s cousin’s husband was a Commander in the Navy, stationed in NY. CBS had given the Admiral tickets for some reason – maybe they gave a lot away in those days for big “shoes” (as Sullivan would say). The Admiral knew Commander had a 16 year old daughter and offered the three tickets to my mother’s cousin. The girl wanted to take two friends but her mother insisted her younger brother – a real pain he was and probably still is – go instead.

I don’t think any of the adults “got” how big this was.

So there was one ticket left over and it was suggested that cousin Kenny go with them.

My parents, at least, had a clue.

It was my first time in Manhattan without my folks.

The Commander dropped us off and picked us up afterwards.

The 16 year old was separated from us by ushers and we were brought to the back, the girls sat up front to scream.

I knew their music from WABC-AM which I listened to a lot.

The rest is history.

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