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Should you temporarily follow someone on Twitter?

Tomorrow, I’ll be  en route to Atlanta for a meeting that actually starts on Tuesday at 9 AM.  

Flight schedules did not allow me to fly in early and make it on time, so I am leaving on Monday, and taking the afternoon off to go shoot photos – something I enjoy doing and post my good ones to my Flickr site.

Where to go?  Of course I put a query out on Twitter and was pleased to get a few recommendations – thank you very much.  
What I was surprised to see were what appeared to be an auto responder from various Atlanta twitter sites under the categories of romanic, fun & fun, family, visiting, and the arts.  
While helpful, I don’t plan to follow them back and frankly, I wonder what the value is in their following me, as my relationship with the city will be all of 48 hours.  
Do you ever temporarily follow?  


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