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Should PR Own Social Media? (Alan thinks it should start with the CEO. Here’s why)

I think PR should “own” Social Media.

Mind you, I’ve been doing PR for 25 years, so I have a bit of a bias here.

My reasoning for having PR “own” Social Media is simple: while I am all for conversation, being open, engagement, etc., the realities are that there still needs to be elements of message, communications strategy, content development the same way we’ve been doing this for eons.

When PR owns social media, you then have a cohesive communications strategy that helps support business communications goals.

Each company will vary in their approach, as social media now encompasses roles such as tech and customer support.

Maybe “owning” isn’t the right term here. Perhaps bringing the mindset and discipline of overall marketing communications and how social media is impacting all phases of a companies internal and external touch points merits consideration – starting with a company’s CEO. In doing so, it could get a CEO’s attention and set the tone for the company’s next generation of how it communicates and interfaces with its publics.

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