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Security Media / Analysts / Bloggers – How to Guide for Software Security Vulnerability Remediation from Client, #DenimGroup

Client, Denim Group, has a compelling presentation on the subject of Software Security Vulnerability Remediation.  It’s a handy and very practical “How to Guide” that can be adapted as source material for stories on the subject.

Denim Group does a lot of software security remediation projects, so they put together a how-to-guide based on their experiences.

How-To-Guide for Software Security Vulnerability Remediation

Most internal development teams are experts with coding and application development but lack the tools and methodology needed to efficiently remediate security flaws in web applications.

Denim Group’s consultants are all practicing developers who track the latest software trends and methodology and have the expertise to fix vulnerabilities in the source code.

If you are a journalist, blogger or analyst looking for year-end security wrap up stories, or stories for 2011 trends, please reach out to me – alan at weinkrantz dot com and I will connect with Denim Group CTO – Dan Cornell.

View more documents from Denim Group.


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