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SecureLogix CTO to Outline Newly-Emerging Threats to VoIP at VoiceCon Fall 2005

Today, our client,  SecureLogix Corporation,  announced that its Chief Technology Officer, Mark Collier, Cmic1048604612will lead a presentation entitled “Cutting-Edge Issues in VoIP Security” during the VoiceCon Fall 2005 conference and exhibition which runs from August 29 to September 1 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, California.

Although there is an increasing awareness that the general, underlying vulnerabilities of data networks are an equally serious concern for converged voice/data networks, less is understood about VoIP application-specific threats such as Denial-of-Service floods, malformed packets, registration hijacking, SIP proxy impersonation, message tampering, session tear downs, voice mail bombs, and VoIP spam (also call “SPIT”).  This presentation will examine newly-emerging security threats to VoIP services, as well as threats unique to IP-telephony applications and IP-PBX systems.

The presentation will seek to answer several key questions including:
·   What are the greatest areas of security vulnerability for voice services running on data networks, and have these threats changed since VoIP technologies were introduced a few years ago?
·   Now that VoIP technologies are beginning to be deployed, are VoIP threats evolving and becoming more sophisticated?
·   What new types of threats have emerged within the past 12 months, and how should corporations deal with them?
·   How secure are today’s crop of VoIP switches and phones?
·   How should corporations secure their IP-telephony implementations, and how much cost and effort will it involve?

Many of our clients speak at industry tradeshows and events around the world.  We assist our client in getting them speaking opportunities as a means to support their message and points to their being an authorative source on a specific marketspace.

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