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San Antonio As A Center for Technology

"You live where?"  Yes, I live in San Antonio, Tx.  That’s where what I call "The Ranch," our offices at 3737 Broadway resides.  San Antonio is home of the Alamo, great Mexican food, the famous Riverwalk and a major U.S. city where you can actually buy an affordable home and have a great life.

OK….so what about the tech scene-  compared to Austin, Dallas, Houston?  San Antonio is not Austin, Dallas and Houston.  It does not have to be.  It’s a city of its own character, strength, and flavor.

For the last four years, I have been involved in SATAI, the San Antonio Technology Accelorator Initiative, first as a SATAI Marketing Alliance committee member, then as committee Chair and now back to being a committe member.

In my role, I helped spur the development of a map deliniating who’s who in town and now a new initiative to reach out to VC’s.  A a group, we’ve developed a communications strategy, core messages, and are working on a variety of communications outreach initiatives that bring about local, regional and national awareness of San Antonio’s unique strengths in areas such as Bioscience, Aerospace, IT, Telecom, and Digital Media.

Perhaps the greatest thing still lacking is VC money- something we are working on.  While San Antonio might pale in comparison to the above mentioned cities, there is a unique strength, sense of community and dedication to my fellow committee members that I rarely see in other volunteer work I get involved in.  We are all committed to helping create and foster innovation, and monetize that innovation into jobs and real wealth.

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