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San Antonio Startup Blog is Up and Going

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The San Antonio Startup Blog is up and

I’m serving as the local editor and am
thrilled to be part of the SpringStage network of community catalysts who are
in tune with their local entrepreneurship and startup scenes.

The network is just now launching in early
2009 as a blog network. This is the first step in ensuring that there is a
visible resource in every community for early stage entrepreneurs.

Today, if you’re new to a city and you want
to be involved in the startup scene there, there is no clear cut way to get
involved. Springstage hopes to fix that by identifying and promoting credible
catalysts in each community. David Cohen and Alexander Muse are providing the
infrastructure for those catalysts to begin promoting their location
entrepreneurship scene immediately.

I am looking for content, so pitch me:  alan at weinkrantz dot com. I'm just getting this off the ground, so please spread the word.

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