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Saed Nashef & Yadin Kaufmann Focus on Palestine’s Startup Ecosystem with First Early-Stage VC Fund, Sadara Ventures – @sadaravc

This week during Expotech 2012, I had a chance to connect with Saed Nashef, Founding General Partner of Palestine’s first early stage venture capital firm Sadara Ventures.   Saed and co-founder, Yadin Kaufmann are looking for looking for high growth startups targeting export oriented markets in mobile, and Internet consumer technologies.  Pay careful attention to Saed’s focus on the ability to execute in the video interview below.

Sadara Ventures has attracted some high profile investors including, The Case Foundation, Soros Economic Development Fund, The European Investment Bank (EIB), and the Skoll Foundation.

How To Approach Sadara Ventures:

Startups are encouraged to approach Sadara’s team early in their business planning process – but after they have achieved a solid understanding of the market opportunity they seek to address.  There are no specific “deadlines” for seeking funding from Sadara.

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