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Road Warrior Strategies: One Week. No Computer. Just The iPad

My MacBookPro needs a new logic board that will require my leaving the computer at The Apple Store San Antonio for three days.

Given that I had a one week trip to Israel scheduled, I thought it was time to do the grand experiment and see if I could go one week without a computer and do my normal work stuff only using iPad.

Some friends recommended the Bluetooth keyboard, but I opted out. I’ll be able to edit photos, but only for the purpose of deletiong and then editing in Aperture when I get back.

I also bought an unlocked iPhone 3GS from UnLock in San Antonio for $200 which replace the crappy phone I’ve had.

This year I will have spent three months in Israel and anticipate continuing this trek into 2012.

I’m using Pages and Keynote and have critical documents I’m working on using iCloud. Have you gone without a computer for this long?

Chime in….

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