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Road Warrior Strategies: How to Save Money When You’re Traveling on An Extended Trip

I am leaving for Israel in about two hours.  One thing I have gotten into the habit of doing is to bring food with me that I can eat in my hotel room for breakfast and take snacks with me for munching in between, or en route to meetings.  (My hotel has a fridge in the room.)


Costco and Amazon are my favorite places to shop for foods and snacks on the run.

Munching on The Road Can Get Really Expensive

Be it the hotel or in transit at an airport, healthy snacks are generally higher priced. And if you are going overseas where the dollar has gone into the shitter, the price goes up even more.  

In Europe, and specifically in Israel where I en route to, you have VAT which tends to be higher than our state sales taxes.  Whatever you pay for that runs $1.50, will cost you $3.00.  I promise.   This may not seem like a whole lots, but this can run $100 or more per week.  And you if are eating breakfast out, the cost notches up to about $200 or more.

Bring You Own

I order snacks like Kind Plus Cranberry Bars and Mom’s in the Raw from Amazon. I also went to Costo and bought a big box of cereal and some awesome and healthy seaweed snacks that I love. This batch will easily last me two weeks.

What to Buy At The Other End

I buy fruit, bottled water and milk.  Not in the hotel, but at a local grocery store or market. 

Save Your Money Going And Treat Yourself to Something For When You Come Home

The money I save doing this, pays for Israeli wine, amazing spices like za’atar curry and cinamon.  The wine ships in my luggage.  I do this by wrapping shirts and pants around the bottles.  

I have never had anything break. 

But What About The Weight and Shipping?

Simple:  when you go overseas, you are (generally) allowed two bags to go under the plane.  So this should not be a weight issue.  Check your airline for details and specifics.

Buy a cheap duffle bag at WalMart or Target and ship your food as luggage.  If you are traveling in the U.S., just have your shipment from Amazon land the day you arrive in care of your hotel.  

If you are Amazon Prime (highly recommended) you pay no shipping, and of course you pay no gas, no wear and tear on your car, and no sales tax.

How About You?

Road Warriors… how do reduce your overhead when traveling and how do you avoid overpaying for eating on the run?  

Chime in with a comment.

Back tomorrow from Tel Aviv once I land 🙂


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