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Review: Brian Ray Breaks Through with #ThisWayUpAlbum – @brianrayguitar

Brian Ray is an artful master at writing, creating, and producing timeless music, not only for himself, but for others. 


Having followed his music for the last year, and watching him as part of Paul McCartney’s touring band, it’s important to buy This Way Up,  not only because of its great work, but equally because it’s very much a work of musical history. Woven into the fabric of this collection represents 40+ years of collaborating with musical masters that are listed in Brian’s Wikipedia profile.

Check out his site, and follow him on twitter – @brianrayguitar, and his Google profile.  Once you do this,  you can start connecting the dots of someone who’s been part of rock and popular music, culture, and history. 

While the variety of artists and musical styles that he as worked with may vary, you can gain a unique insight into Brian’s extraordinary talent through the medium of photography. You’ll often see him holding and referring to his iconic Gibson Les Paul Jr.   Of all the instruments, amps, pedals, gizmos and gadgets he may have in his tool chest, the basics of the Les Paul Jr. clues you into a sense of style and something memorable that is gives Brian Ray his musical voice. 

Brian Ray’s This Way Up brings forth that sense of familiarity; one that is very deeply embedded from Brian’s legacy and his unique and rock’n DNA.    

Give This Way Up a listen on headphones to hear the superior production.  Try it again on your home stereo system.  Then, get on a highway and listen in your car.  During each listening environment, try the following:  Follow only the drums.  Play again and only follow the bass guitar.  Repeat on certain songs and listen to the mastery of the piano and organ.  One more time and pay special attention to the rhythm and lead riffs.  And finally tune into Brian’s voice.   

It’s important to not only listen to, but study Brian Ray’s music. When you do, you’ll wind up saying to yourself – “I’ve heard this before….” 

The reason you’ve “heard this before,” is because in many cases, Brian has been the under current sound, tone, and vibe, supporting or writing for many musical greats.  

This Way Up is, if you will, up-lifting, and appropriately named.

Highly Recommended.  Alan recommends you crank it up a bit.


  1. awesome review for an awesome artist: Brian Ray! This Way Up…

  2. awesome review for an awesome artist: Brian Ray! This Way Up…


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