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Returning “Home” To Mexico City; Office Hours at @mexicanvc

I am spending the next 6 days in Mexico City, holding office hours, and being part of the Sales for B2B Startups event on Friday that is sponsored by MexicanVC.

Returning to Mexico City is very special to me.  I spent much of my childhood here, going back and forth every summer.

That’s my parents on the bottom right, along with my paternal grandmother and grandfather, my maternal grandfather and the other person, I must confess, I have no clue who she is.

Long story short:  my mother’s family had to leave Strasbourg, France during WWII due to the fact that Hitler was not a big fan of our people.  They bounced around to Trinidad, Havana, and wound up in Mexico City, where the family thrived.

I spent every summer here as a child, including a year long stint for the 1st grade.  For 11 years of my life, (from 1953 to 1964) Mexico City was very much part of my DNA.

While I have been here a couple of times being a tourist, I’m here for 3 days holding office hours, discovering new companies,  helping them think about their story and narrative in the context of building a global brand, and spending 3 additional days playing tourist.

It’s amazing to come back “home,” where the sites, sounds, smells, and so many things from my summers come back to life.

A special thank you to Paulina Arreola who took care of getting me here.

More content, photos and stories to follow.



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