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Reporting Positive News From– and About Israel

My business development trip in Israel continues….

Counter to the negative news coverage you see and read about from this region of the world, ISRAEL21c reports on technology and innovation from Israel, its people, its institutions and its contributions to global society.

Envara_office_buildingISRAEL21c creates, aggregates and broadly disseminates high-quality information to the American public about the Israel that exists beyond the pervasive imagery of conflict that characterizes so much of western media reporting. Their goal is to strengthen the vibrant and enduring partnership between the United States and Israel, and between Americans and Israelis and does an outstanding job in doing this.

Interestingly, ISRAEL21c is based in Silicon Valley.  It is a nonpolitical organization that does not endorse political parties, political views or government policies.

Worth Reading….

Photo by Alan Weinkrantz © 2006

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