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Reporting For My Other Blog, 3Screens, Here’s My Take on the AT&T Stockholder’s Meeting

I’ve just come back from attending the AT&T stockholder meeting in
San Antonio.  There’s lots to tell and share, and in the interest of
time and in the interest of getting at least one post up on my blog, I
am going to do two posts- one today and another one early next week.


Before I begin, just a caveat- if you are looking for insight on
earnings per share, news on when the 3G iPhone will ship, and new
technologies coming out of AT&T labs, you’ve come to the wrong place. 

This post is a quick summary of some of AT&T’s Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson’s
comments in his State of the Company.  Next week, I will post on my
observations of what I observed to be more of a town hall meeting, as
opposed to this event being a traditional stockholder’s meeting.

See my post over at 3Screens here.

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  1. Alan, please give us the details on the status of Pulver Media. With news that Jeff is out of the picture, what’s the real storyline with one of your key clients?
    Cheers, DHD


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