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Red Herring Magazine Back in Print

Red Herring magazine is back in print.  During the height of the bubble, this, along with the still-defunct, Upside, Forbes ASAP, and The Industry Standard, covered the fast moving people, technology and sources of capital for the tech boom.

There are two noticeable things about reincarnated Red Herring:  it’s much thinner than it used to be (translation:  fewer advertisers) and the content and style of the writing seems to be more grounded.  This is probably a good and more sobering reflection of the economic realities of where we are today. The editorial staff is also looking at global opportunities, as reflected in their editorial charter:  identify the world’s best entrepreneurial technology ventures and analyze the most compelling innovations, all with a keen eye on financial, metrics, and management choices.

As much as we all have to read, I do recommend subscribing.

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