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Re-Branding Israel

My friend, Jon Medved, who is Partner in Israel Seed Fund, has recently published a very good Op-Ed piece in the Jerusalem Post proposing to re-brand the State of Israel as "Innovative Israel." 

The notion here is that amidst the problems that exist in the Middle East, Israel still reigns on second in the world in technology innovation after Silicon Valley.  He clearly points out that in Q3/04 Israel produced 113 start-ups that attracted venture capital funding. Doing the math, it shows that in this same period, the entire United States produced only 467 venture-backed companies. This means that Israel, with a population just two percent of America’s, has almost 25% of the venture-backed start-ups relative to the US.

The Intel-inside your PC, the IM your kids use from AOL, the voice mail you leave messages on from Converse, or the firewall from Checkpoint that protects your enterprise all come from Israel.  I am also proud to say that we represent one of Israel’s leading VoIP technology companies, AudioCodes. Add to this the new life-saving, medical, and green technologies now being developed by Israeli companies such as Proneuron’s spinal cord restoration, Teva’s cost-saving generic drugs, Given’s pain-saving Pill Cams, InSightec’s non-invasive cyst blaster, Syneron’s cosmetic and skin savers, Ormat’s geothermal and wind energy plants, and you have a broad story of Israeli companies working for the benefit of mankind.

Branding Israel through innovation rather than conflict puts the country on higher ground, and a place where those who don’t want to see Israel succeed (or be completely destroyed) completely out of reach.

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