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Reality Sets in On The iPhone. Here’s Another Product Review From Someone I Really Respect (and admire)

I did not get an iPhone mostly because as cool and neat as it is (and it really is) I need to have some sense of practicality in running my business.

I remain a die-hard BlackBerry 8800 user because it just works.  (Also, the current iPhone won’t hold the 5,000 song playlist I have on my iPod.

Here is a product review from Shelly Palmer, the author of one of my favorite books, Television Disrupted.

The only thing I don’t get in Shelly’s review of the iPhone is the poor coverage issue in New York, where he lives.  I travel to NYC and never have coverage or call quality issues.  Other wise, most of his other comments are things I have heard from other friends and associates who opted in for the iPhone.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am a huge Apple fan.  Our home and office is loaded with Apple products and I think it’s just a matter of one or two more generations of iPhones, but real 3G that could sway me to move from the BlackBerry.

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