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Re-evaluating and Re-Engineering What I’m Reading in 2012

I am re-evaluating and re-engineering what I’ll be reading online in the new year to come.  

No, I am not giving up on Gizmodo, Engadget, TechCrunch, Wired, GigaOm, The New York Times, Twit.TV, Gilmor Gang and sites I personally enjoy reading and watching, but I am gradually scaling back on all reading about PR and Social Media.


I’ll still be tracking what Robert Scoble writes and the startups he discovers, what Steve Rubel posts on twitter, and because of my working relationship with Jeff Pulver, what’s in his stream.


But what I am doing is scaling back on AdAge, ClickZ, and even Mashable.  I am going back to the business and technology and innovation sections of BusinessWeek, The Economist and blogs on innovation such as Brown & Company.

I’m still working this through the month of December, and will publish a recommended reading list towards the end of the month.  

So how about you?  

What are you doing to shift your reading habits (and your time) in the new year to come?

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