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Ramping up for Departure to Israel

My six week traveling journey continues….. I am back at The Ranch from SuperComm for three days, and now getting ready to depart for Israel for the Pulver VoIP Israel Summit, the Israel Venture Captial Association Conference, my annual PR Seminar at the Tel Aviv Hilton on June 20, visiting clients, prospects, friends and family.

The flight to Israel is really pretty simple. Continental has a non-stop to Newark.  Then from Newark, it’s non stop to Tel Aviv.  Since I take the 10:50 PM departure, I can sleep on the way over, and arrive refreshed.

En route on Sunday, I purposely scheduled a flight with a ten hour layover, so I could go and visit my friend and client, Bob Jagendorf who is a co-founder of Mercom.  We have a great deal in common with music, photography, travel and families. 

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