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Pushbutton Disrupts the Traditional Remote Control

Someone has finally figured out a way to reinvent the traditional remote control.  Meet the way cool folks from Pushbutton, and watch the video I shot at the IP&TV World Forum in London, where I am reporting for  The demo shows the vast improvement they make with Microsoft’s Media Room offering.  As an AT&T U-verse customer, having this as an offering would be very welcomed.  

As our content becomes more interactive and more social, we need a better way to interface with our TV and other connected devices.  While content is certainly abundant, the ability to interact, discover, share and buy, remains lacking.  

Here’s a company that’s got it right- on devices that are becoming ubiquitous in our daily lives.  Think iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows handset devices.  We use them to communicate on voice and data streams, but the idea of using them effectively with our devices remains lacking.

I think this company gets it because they are part design firm / part software developers.  

If you’re an operator, get Pushbutton on your radar.  

Highly Recommended

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