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Pulver’s Peripheral Visionaires IP-Based Communications Summit Attracts News Speakers, Attendess and Sponsorhips

Today, our client,  announced that its Peripheral Visionaries’ IP-Based Communications Summit to be held on May 4 in Washington D.C. continues to attract new speakers, attendees and sponsorships.

The Summit, which will run from 9AM to 6:00 PM, followed by a reception, at the Washington Plaza Hotel, brings leading innovators, entrepreneurs, and visionaries experimenting with the limits of IP technology to the nation’s capital in order to mix with the leading decision-makers building the policy that will shape the IP-enabled future.  The leading associations, advocates and thinkers from all sides of the communications debate will come together to take a hard look at the state of communications technology and policy and where technology and policy might be headed.

The Conference has added several unique outside-the-sandbox visionaries to the line-up in recent weeks, including the following:

*  John Perry Barlow, the Founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and former lyricist for the Grateful Dead.

*  Mark Spencer, the Founder and President of Digium/Asterisk.  Asterisk is among the most disruptive technologies in the communications market today, essentially allowing any end-user to download open source software that allows the user to become her own service provider.

*  Jonathan Taplin, a Professor at USC’s Annenberg School for Communications and the founder and CEO of Intertainer, the pioneer video-on-demand service.  In prior incarnations, Taplin was Tour Manager for Bob Dylan and The Band and a noted film producer, whose credits include Mean Streets, the Last Waltz, Until The End of the World, Under Fire and To Die For.

Perhaps for the first time, the leading trade associations on every side of the communications debate will join together to hammer out their differences and hear from the technologists, innovators and entrepreneurs pushing the IP envelope.  Sponsors include CDT, CEA, CCIA, CompTel/Ascent/ALTS, CompTIA, CTIA, Global IP Alliance, ITAA, ITTA, NCTA, NTCA, OSAIA, Public Knowledge,, TIA, VON Coalition, and WBIA.

We broadcasted the news release to Washington, DC area journalists who cover telecom, technology and government policy.  We have also managed to attract a core group of journalists who will attend and cover this exciting and thought provoking event.


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