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PulverRadio Aligns With Rock Legends To Deliver Raw Rock Radio Sound Around The Globe

If you are a fan of rock music and culture, you’ll love our client, Radio, Inc.

PulverRadio mixes mainstream and independent rock music from the past 50 years in its 24/7 internet webcast, hosts micro-sites and playable, copyright-protected song samples for unsigned bands in its artist directory, allows users to build their own play lists of music and share them with friends, and provides location-based concert listing information for registered users.  PulverRadio also features podcasts of unique, live in-studio performances by up-and-coming artists and encourages artists to contribute their own programming, often inviting them to host their own shows exploring their influences and interests in the rock genre.

Broadcast Legends Help Shape Innovative Programming and Outreach To Emerging Artists

PulverRadio has also aligned with two rock legends to bring a diversity of high-quality music to PulverRadio’s listeners.  Broadcast veterans Shadoe Stevens and David Marsden have signed on to deliver weekly shows reflecting their profound personal experiences in the music industry over the past few decades.  Marsden and Stevens both worked independently to shape the sound of FM radio in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s that led to the Modern Rock and Alternative Radio formats, bringing a diversity of music from all over the world to North American airwaves and introduced all of us to entire musical movements such as punk, new wave, alternative, grunge, and heavy metal.

After successfully completing its Beta-testing and early development phase, PulverRadio already boasts more than 10,000 unique monthly listeners and is featuring more than 100 independent recording artists in its Artist Directory.  PulverRadio webcasts its signal on its own globally load-balanced streaming network that distributes CD-quality AAC and MP3 streams via PulverRadio’s easy-to-use web-based player or third-party players like iTunes and WinAmp.  PulverRadio is also pursuing syndication deals with digital radio networks worldwide and will begin offering more pay-per-use services such as music downloads and CD purchases in 2006.

I am now listening to PulverRadio as my mainstay online source for Rock. 

Highly Recommended

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