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pulvermedia’s Peripheral Visionaries’ IP-Based Communications Summit Adds New Speakers, Award and Concert To Lineup

Our client, pulvermedia,
has added new speakers to its lineup at the upcoming Peripheral
Visionaries’ IP-Based Communications Summit
  in Washington D.C. on
November 10. Taking place at the Washington Plaza Hotel, Peripheral
Visionaries will run from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, followed by a reception
and after-party/dance featuring the Herding Cats.

In addition to the already stellar line-up, new speakers added for the Summit include Bob Atkinson, Director of Policy Research, Columbia Institute for Tele-Information Christopher Libertelli, Director, Government and Regulatory Affairs – N.A., Skype
Jonathan Seelig, Managing Director, Globespan Capital Partners Ross Buntrock, Partner, Womble Carlyle Randolph May, Senior Fellow, Director of Communications Policy Studies, Progress and Freedom Foundation

The Summit includes a surprise Lunch speaker and the presentation of
the Peripheral Visionary Award.  The Peripheral Visionary Award is
intended to go to a visionary whom history has proven to be ahead of
his or her time, someone whose vision has been realized over time.
Given what is now, at last, being realized with regard to broadband and
IP-based communications, there is much that the industry could learn
from the surprise recipient, an Internet, broadband and communications

Peripheral Visionaries will bring the leading academics, analysts,
innovators, entrepreneurs, and visionaries experimenting with the
limits of IP technology to DC to mix with the leading advocates and
decision-makers building the policies that will shape the IP-enabled

The theme for this Peripheral Visionaries’ Summit is “What’s in the
Cards?”  Each panel will represent a unique segment of the IP-based
communications industry, from academics to bloggers to financial
analysts to lawyers to technologists to those who have left government
to seek fame and fortune outside the Beltway.  With the collective
wisdom of these leading industry players, we hope to get a clearer
picture of how technology and policy are evolving to allow us to
realize the best possible communications future.


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