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pulvermedia’s Peripheral Visionaries’ IP-Based Communications Summit Adds New Speakers, Award and Concert to Lineup

Today, our client, pulvermedia, announced that it has added new speakers to its lineup at the upcoming "Peripheral Visionaries’ IP-Based Communications Summit" in Washington D.C. on November 10.  Taking place at the Washington Plaza Hotel, the event will run from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, followed by a reception and after-party/dance featuring the Herding Cats.

The Summit includes a surprise Lunch speaker and the presentation of the Peripheral Visionary Award.  The Peripheral Visionary Award is intended to go to a visionary whom history has proven to be ahead of his or her time, someone whose vision has been realized over time.  Given what is now, at last, being realized with regard to broadband and IP-based communications, there is much that the industry could learn from the surprise recipient, an Internet, broadband and communications pioneer.

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