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pulvermedia Announces the 2006 Schedule of VON Events

pulvermedia has announced the 2006 lineup of VON events around the world.  FIR PR handles the media outreach and coordination for these events, while we act at Jeff Pulver’s personal publicist and handle PR for initiatives.   pulvermedia’s event schedule has been significantly expanded for 2006, mirroring the rapid rate of adoption for IP communications technologies, and the widespread growth of the industry as a whole.

In 2006, pulvermedia will host three different types of VON events, including — Global Impact Events; Pan-European Events; and Countrywide

Global Impact Events: comprise the flagship VON events — now in their 10th year — these events bring together all the players in the worldwide IP communications industry, to trade ideas, share experiences, map out the road ahead, and conduct business. 

For 2006, pulvermedia’s Global Impact Events include:
     *  Spring 2006 VON: March 14-17, San Jose, California
     *  Fall 2006 VON: Sept 11-14, Boston, Massachusetts

Pan-European Events:  For the last nine years, VON Europe has been the definitive IP communications event in Europe, attracting all of the major IP communications players across the continent. 

Pan-European Events in 2006 include:
     *  Spring 2006 VON Europe: May 15-18, Stockholm, Sweden
     *  Autumn 2006 VON Europe: November 6-9, Berlin, Germany

Countrywide Events: In 2006, pulvermedia is addressing the rapidly expanding needs of the IP communications market by providing community events targeted to country-specific markets.  These events range from targeted conferences that will attract hundreds of people, to large-scale conferences and expos that are co-located with major local events bringing in more than 50,000 attendees.  Countrywide Events in 2006 include:

     *  VON Mexico 2006: February 14-17, Mexico City, Mexico
     *  VON Canada 2006: April 3-5, Toronto, Canada
     *  VON China Spring 2006: May 7-9, Shanghai, China
     *  VON Russia 2006: May 10-13, Moscow, Russia
     *  VON Japan 2006: July 19-21- Tokyo, Japan
     *  VON China Fall 2006: September 25-28, Dalian, China
     *  VON Italy 2006: October 29-30, Rome, Italy


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