Israel: 054-321-6176 / USA - 210-820-3070 and Evslin Consulting File FCC Petition To Preserve Post-Disaster Communications

Our client, joined forces with Evslin Consulting today and submitted a Petition for Rulemaking to the Federal Communications Commission with the goal of initiating proceedings to mitigate the effects of long-term telephone outages in the event of natural disasters or other public crises.

You may view Filing to the FCC by clicking here.
You may view the press release by clicking here.
You may view Jeff’s blog post by clicking here.

The / Evslin proposal calls for “….a rapid mitigation of the worst effects of outages using existing technology.”  The proposal asks for modifications to some of the FCC’s rules in order to promote access to multiple technologies before another widespread emergency occurs.

While supporting the FCC’s establishment of the independent expert panel reviewing the Hurricane Katrina disaster relief efforts and the creation of a new FCC Public Safety/Homeland Security Bureau, the Petitioners fear that, if the Commission waits for formation and formal recommendations by either of these groups before taking any further action to address emergency situations, then communications providers will be unprepared in the case of an immediate emergency. 

With the threat of terrorist action still looming and the next hurricane season right around the corner, Petitioners strongly believe the Commission must act soon to ensure that the consequence of outages to telecommunications services are swiftly mitigated prior to the time communications links can be restored.

If the requested remedies had been in place during Katrina, many families would have been spared the ordeal of searching for dispossessed loved ones and emergency workers would have been able to better focus their search on those actually in danger.  All of these remedies can be put in place before the next hurricane season using only existing technologies.  An underwater local line need not mean an unreachable family.

This was our first opportunity to work with Tom Evslin, who like Jeff, is a serial entrepreneur and well-known speaker and author. He is also an inventor on five granted US patents.  Visit Tom’s blogs at:  and


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