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Pulver Launches Network2

Watch out mainstream television networks and cable. The Internet is coming after you.

Today, our client, Internet Communications pioneer and entrepreneur, Jeff Pulver, announced the launch of Network2, a selection of the best independent TV shows available only on the Internet.

The site features a guide to episodic programming, ranging from reality-show style features to cooking shows to puppet theater, and including all the topics one might expect to find on TV, including sports, politics, technology, arts, and family features.

Network 2 is effectively a new, internet-powered television network, with all the characteristics of commercial networks delivered over cable and broadcast.
"Somewhere between the world of professionally produced TV shows and personal video blogs lies the world of what can be best described as TV Shows Only Available on the Internet," said Jeff Pulver, founder and chairman of Network2.

"In the last year, the technology to make Internet-delivered TV happen has become inexpensive enough to make it more available for everyone. So we’re about to see a boom of content by lots of people who are finally able to access the technology and show off their talent. This is another example of disruptive technology which will change media and entertainment as we know it."

Network2 allows users to rate the shows they watch and also includes a current list of the most popular Internet-only TV shows, as judged by visitor clicks. More than 100 shows can be watched on the website, including:

     — Alive in Baghdad – Citizen journalists cover the war with a camcorder.
     — CC Rider TV – Videos about motorcycle design and racing.
     — Channel Frederator – Some of the world’s coolest and funniest
     — Cube Fabulous – A new reality web series that makes over office
     — Fearless Cooking – Gloria Piper cooks anything, including squid.
     — Galacticast – A weekly sci fi comedy.
     — Mommy TV – A weekly video magazine for mothers.
     — Nurse TV – 13 Weeks – A travel reality show that follows the lives of
        six nurses.
     — Rocketboom – A daily news and information show featuring technology,
        social issues, and more.
     — Something to be Desired – A weekly web sitcom/drama set in a
        fictitious radio station, magazine publisher, and coffee shop.
     — The Show with Ze Frank – commentary on current events.

"There is no doubt in my mind that the quality of the user experience is just going to improve with these shows, and the success of some of these sites will just encourage others to join the fray of TV Shows Only Available on the Internet," said Pulver. "It is just a matter of time before more of these shows find their way from being ‘Internet Only’ to becoming available for viewing on TiVo, broadcast TV, or cable, and these independently produced shows will really alter the landscape of television viewing."

To be included on the Network2 site, TV shows must be a source of video content that is original, consistently updated, entertaining, and only available over the Internet. The show must also have a working RSS feed. Unlike YouTube, includes only high-quality episodic shows. Network2 is a continually expanding site, and readers are encouraged to email about any TV Shows Only Available on the Internet that they are aware of.

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