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Public Relations Strategy: It’s (still) a New Year; Time To Elevate and Refresh Your Messages. Here’s How….

Even though it’s still a “New Year,” we’re approaching the beginning of February.  If you have not examined your messaging for 2011, it’s time to do so – now.  It’s a critical element of your public relations and social media communications strategy.


It’s Almost February 1.  Time To Elevate and Refresh your message for 2011 if you have not done this yet.

Here’s a few tips that help you help your team get this done.

1. Start with your message. 

 The first part in this process is to clearly articulate a relevant message based on facts and endorsed throughout the organization. Then you must develop a messaging strategy and deploy a targeted blogger, media and industry analysts outreach relations program.

Your goal, at this phase, is to build or strengthen effective relationships with bloggers, analysts and journalists who can not only help you hone your message, but also help you position your company, you technology, your products and your marketplace.

  • Is your message easy to remember, and is it current? 
  • When was the last time your company updated its message?
  • Is it current? Does it use current industry standard terms? 
  • Ask key stakeholders in your company if your message resonates. If not, make a commitment to get your message right before 2009 arrives 

2. Make sure you’re properly positioned.

 Positioning is the act of defining your place among your peers and identifying the unique value you offer within that competitive landscape. It is both a goal and a process. It is ongoing and above all, it is proactive. If you don’t position yourself, the competition and other market factors will do it for you.

Good positioning is the heart and soul of an effective public relations campaign.

 If done properly, it begets effective messaging – messaging that makes sense within the larger context of the marketplace, addresses important issues within that market, and demonstrates a vision for the future. Thus, through its relevance to a given market, good positioning helps build credibility with press, analysts, investors, channel partners and customers.


3. Make sure your social media communications programs are in line with your messaging.

Often times, I recommend company’s Chief Technical Officer be the lead in setting the tone and voice for the company’s social media communications initiatives.  Your mileage will vary, depending on your goals, your culture and your resources to execute and most of all sustain this type of outreach.

Being found can be an effective and efficient means of being discovered by journalists. Your company’s social media communications strategy can be an opportunity to tell your story, allow the chance to be discovered and be a source of trusted content.

The Flatiron Building, NYC, shot by Alan Weinkrantz on January 17, 2011.  Share, but please credit.  I really do love this building. 



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