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Promisec’s New Internal Threat Encyclopedia Launches Today

Today, client, Promisec is moving forward with yet another milestone  as being more than just a security product company, with the release of their free, online Internal Threat Encyclopedia.

You may link to the press release here.

At first glance, you might think the Encyclopedia- as just that: an Encyclopedia.  But it’s more.  Much more. 

It’s a very helpful tool that lists and dates dozens of potential
threats and ranks them on a five – part scale, ranging from “extremely
critical” to “not critical.”   Promisec is making sure that the newest threats,
such as Timbuktu, TightVNC, and PC-Duo, are included and described with
information on manufacturer, systems affected, relevant links, and date

They’ve also added some really good and very timely monthly charts
showing how internal network risk trends have changed in the past year,
an internal security tips and tricks section, articles on recent
internal security incidents, an overview of internal threats, and a
wide array of other resources.

Journalists, analysts, bloggers, needing further information and for interviews, call email: bage at weinkrantz dot com.

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