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President Bush Visits The Editorial Offices of My Other Blogs, and

This is not a joke.


President George W. Bush stopped today to what serves as the editorial offices for my other blogs, and

Read the story from the San Antonio "Express News" here.

My Robot Creative pal, Lara August, called me this morning to have breakfast, but I couldn’t do it because of another meeting. 

Then, I hopped over to see PodCast Ready’s Dean McCall for another meeting. 

Then, my stomach starts growling and  I decide to hop over to Olmos Pharmacy for lunch.

En route down US 281, I am driving by the airport, and see Air Force One taking off. 

Arriving to the Pharmacy 20 minutes later, proprietor, Betty Garza, informs me that our fearless leader of the free world, Secret Service in tow, stopped by and had a chocolate malt with First Lady, Laura Bush.

I guess when you are the President of the U.S., you can pretty much order up anything you want. 

So it really says quite a bit about Betty’s place, where she’s run a tight ship for 35 years.

Over the last 3 years, I’ve been doing lots of breakfast meetings, lots of interviews, and lots of posts at the Pharmacy. 

It’s my office away from my office and serves as the "official" office of my two other blogs.

Sorry I missed you, Mr. President. 

And thumbs up to Betty for having Mr. Bush pick her place as the place in town (or the world) for a real home made malt.

photo (c)  San Antonio Express News

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