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Pre Launch Initiatives for Waves’ MaxxPlayer

We are working on an initiative to announce the availability of our client, Waves’ MaxxPlayer™,  the first product that allows you to automatically optimize your music for your listening environment using the same Waves audio processing technologies used by top recording engineers.   All commercial music recordings and broadcasts are “processed” to sound best in a specific listening environment.  For example, most radio stations process music to sound best in a “typical” car.  Unfortunately, optimization for someone else’s listening environment is not ideal for you. 

By optimizing your music for your audio system, MaxxPlayer delivers dramatic performance improvements including…

  • Allowing your audio system to play much louder without distortion

  • Improving clarity and intelligibility in noisy environments

  • Delivering consistent listening levels from inputs with different levels.  (This eliminates the need for constantly changing the volume of TV and radio programs.)

  • Improving bass frequency and high frequency response

  • Widening stereo image from closely placed loudspeakers

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