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PR Newswire Offers Search Visiblity Services

Last week, our rep from PR Newswire, Jennifer Miller, and her compadre Cyndi Baumgartner came by our offices to update us on ‘waz up with her company. 

They are now offering a news service called "Search Engine Visibility" (SEV), will Jennifer says will give you the ability to see exactly what phrases Web users use to arrive at customers’ news releases. 

These reports, generated by their partner, icrossing, will help can help you tailor future messages by providing relevant feedback on the most- used keywords and actions taken by Web users viewing the news release.

"One of the biggest challenges facing PR professionals and marketers in the Internet age is, ‘How do customers and influencers find my news release online?’  This service not only helps to place PR Newswire members’ news releases in higher rankings on leading search engines, it also tells them how much traffic they are receiving from these engines, and reports on which search phrases were entered.

We’ll be testing the service this fall.

Look for updates on my take on this.

Photo of me on a glacier in Iceland trying to ‘search.’  (c) Alan Weinkrantz – 2005 All Rights Reserved.

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