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PR Tips: How to Re-purpose and Expand Your Media Coverage

Many, many moons ago, when I pitched stories for tech clients that resulted in media coverage, we’d anxiously wait for our copies of eWeek, Computerworld, InfoWorld, Network World, etc. to arrive in the mail.  
We’d scan the magazine, fax a copy of the article to the client and for the most part, that was it.  We were on to our next pitch.

Yesterday, client, Dan Cornell, CTO of Denim Group, was quoted in an eWeek story by Brian Prince.  Dan, along with Principal, John Dickson, have emerged as industry thought leaders in the application security space.  

So Now You Got the Story.  In today’s Web world what do you do?  Re-Purpose and Expand The Story

1.  In this case, once the story broke, Dan quickly expanded the content with expanded coverage.

2.  He did a blog post on the Denim Group site.

3.  On twitter?  Oh yeah.  If you are into the security space, be sure and follow Dan and his compadre, John Dickson.  

4.  Presentations?  Of course.  See lots of great Denim Group presentations here on SlideShare.

Expand your content beyond the story.  

Think wide.  Think deep.  

What say you?


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