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PR 101 Tip…

A security startup from Israel reaches out to me asking for some basic advise.


Happy to help out a bit.

They have a way to stop some type of virus and they wanted to know who they should pitch to.

Actually, they asked me to do this for them “….as a favor….”

I advised them to turn on a Google News alert and see who might be covering it.

Logic often times rules the day.

They wound up send three pitches and got no response.

My response was:

1. The news cycle may have already passed.

2. Your “product” may not be a product; it may be a feature.

3. The fact that you do one thing really well, may not be newsworthy.

4. Keep trying — but instead of “pitching,” try listening and try reading the content of the journalists you will want to reach out to for the next opportunity.

5. Offer to help them with insights, advise, and experiences you are seeing in how you are helping your customers prevent from being hurt by this virus.

It may not get you immediate coverage, but if you are helpful and think about casting a wider net, you may gain some unexpected and delightful results.

Photo by me. Shot several years ago at a mercado in Mexico City.

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