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PowerMaster’s Green Machine Cleans Up the Planet by Turning Garbage into Electricity, Halving the Size of Landfills, and More

Our client, PowerMaster,  today announced that its patented ReCyclone™ technology can recycle all garbage, making nearly 100 percent of the world’s waste useful in some way.  The green company, which is committed to cleaning up the planet, has developed a unique, infinitely adjustable, waste reducing grinder designed to recycle all types of trash of all sizes

The ReCyclone grinds up inorganic waste to be recycled or burned for electricity; turns agricultural waste into compost, organic fertilizer, and daily cover; and remediates landfills by vastly reducing their size, eliminating odors and greenhouse gases, and subsequently cleaning up groundwater.  The ReCyclone can be used to grind up all different types of waste into pieces ranging from 20 microns to 12 inches, and any size in between.  Adjustments can be done yourself in only a few minutes using simple tools. 

In addition, PowerMaster’s newest process, dubbed “dirty green,” can take dirty plastic and convert it into diesel oil.  One kilogram of plastic will yield 95 percent of one liter of diesel.  Up until now, plastics had to go through an expensive and lengthy cleaning process before they could used for oil.  Because the process doesn’t require the plastic to be cleaned, the process of turning plastic into low sulfur, high quality, diesel oil is now economically feasible.

Download the Press Release here:

Download powermaster_green_tech_releasefinal.doc

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