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Please Join Us for #140Conf Small Town – September 20

Last year at #140conf Small Town it was an amazing experience to meet and connect with people from across America who came to Hutchinson, Kansas who shared their stories — as well as the people who came to Hutchinson to hear them. 


This year speakers from 17 states are converging on Kansas on September 20th for a conversation about how high tech thrives outside Silicon Valley and all the usual big cities. 

Look for our speakers to share their stories about the real-time web and how it is changing their lives and their businesses in the Small Towns they live in. 


This is not just a Kansas event. It’s not a local #140conf.

This is an international event that happens to be held in Kansas. 

And we are the only international “high tech” event to talk small towns and go to a small town to do it.

As one of the “big city” people who attended last year’s event, I believe other big city people should take note and make an effort to attend this conference. You will enjoy the experience. The perspectives shared opened my eyes to a part of America which I knew of but never felt connected with. I now do. It is never too late to reach out and discover something about yourself or your country.

Whether you are from a Big City or a Small Town, you are in for an amazing day shared only the way #140conf can deliver it to you. 

For more information and to register, please visit:   You owe it to yourself to make the trip to Hutchinson, Kansas.  


Please join us:)



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