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PhoneGnome: The Best Transition to VoIP to Date

Because I travel and because our firm supports several VoIP related clients, I keep telling myself that I need to take my own medicine and try VoIP. 

I use Skype and its great, but not practical because you have to talk to another Skype user.  I also use AIM IP phone service for the Mac, but again, you have to be on AIM and you have to have a Mac.  I use mostly to communicate with my kids.

Then I thought about getting a Vonage box, but I don’t want yet another phone number.

And then, fellow blogger, Andy Abramson turned me on to the idea of PhoneGnome.  This seems to be the best idea so far in keeping what you have (your POTs line,) and  making calls over the web (translation- zero long distance cost) and a bunch of very cool valued added services I can’t get, or have to pay a lot for, from SBC, who is my local provider.

I am keeping this one on my radar and will soon be evaluating it.  To date, this looks like the most practical way to make the transition to VoIP.

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  1. Hi Alan,
    I look forward to you trying PhoneGnome. Once you use it, I don’t think you’ll ever go back. 🙂
    Thanks for the nice comment.


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