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Peripheral Visionaries’ IP-Based Communications Summit to Follow House Hearing on Internet Protocol and Broadband Services

This Thursday is our client, pulvermedia’s  Second “Peripheral Visionaries’ IP-Based Communications Summit” –  one day after the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet holds its first Hearing on draft legislation to create a statutory framework for Internet Protocol and Broadband Services.

Given the timing of the hearings, today we broadcasted a media advisory with a statement from Jeff Pulver and pulvermedia’s legal counsel, Jonathan Askin stating: “The Committee Hearing will quite likely serve as the impetus to move for a Committee markup of a major communications reform bill,” noted Jeff Pulver, Founder and Chairman of pulvermedia. “While legislation is unlikely to be enacted this term, this bill will likely serve as the template and frame the debate for whatever Congress does next term.  This legislation could prove to be the most dramatic reform in communications law in 10 years, if not 70 years, if not ever.  As such, the Peripheral Visionaries’ IP-based Communications Summit could not have occurred at a more auspicious moment in the history of communications policy.  The Hearing will certainly give us a lot of fuel for discussion at the Peripheral Visionaries Summit.”

“It is serendipitous that the very stakeholders most directly implicated by the Telecom Subcommittee Hearing on IP and broadband are the very same parties who should participate at the Peripheral Visionaries’ IP-based Communications Summit,” noted Jonathan Askin, General Counsel to pulvermedia.  “The Summit will include the leading academics, analysts, innovators, entrepreneurs, and visionaries experimenting with the limits of IP technology, who are coming to DC to cross-pollinate with the leading advocates and decision-makers building the policies that will shape the IP-enabled future.  It is essential that these disparate groups – the technologists and the policymakers – come together to understand one another’s respective visions and goals, so that policy and technology might evolve together in a mutually virtuous cycle.”

Media advisories such as these help support our client’s events, enable the media to easily pick up quotes for comments, and further reinforce thought leadership and industry knowledge.

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