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PCIe Form Factor DSP Multimedia Processing Board Announced by Surf Communication Solutions

Today at VON, our client, Surf Communication Solutions, announced that it has developed the SurfExpress/PCIe™, a RoHS-compliant single-lane, half-length, full-height PCI Express form-factor DSP farm with VoIP, audio, video and data processing capabilities.

Providing two Gigabit Ethernet ports and a CT bus for additional TDM interfaces, the SurfExpress/PCIe is designed to meet the requirements of V²oIP enterprise-scale media servers, media gateways, 3G-324M video servers, MMSC content adaptation engines, and CTI applications.

Optimized for mobile applications, the SurfExpress/PCIe provides convergence of audio, video and data across wireless and wireline networks. It supports an unprecedented 1088 voice ports on a single PCI slot, and up to 224 low-resolution video ports on a single PCI slot.

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