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PCIe Form Factor DSP Multimedia Processing Board Announced by Surf Communication Solutions

At the 3GSM World Expo, our client, SURF Communication Solutions® announced that it has developed the SurfExpress/PCIe™, a RoHS-compliant single-lane, half-length, full-height PCI Express form-factor DSP farm with VoIP, audio, video and data processing capabilities.

The SurfExpress/PCIe utilizes a highly innovative patent-pending design featuring the SurfDocker™ modular plug-in, which carries up to four pairs of mixed types of DSPs and supports a variety of configurations to meet the application developer’s requirements.

This paradigm allows varying types of DSPs to be assembled on the PCI Express carrier, including Texas Instruments communications infrastructure optimized portfolio of DSPs.  Up to four SurfDocker modules can be plugged into a single SurfExpress/PCIe, for a total of eight DSPs per PCI Express board. This flexible and scalable hardware design results in a cost-effective solution providing reduced time-to-market.

Read the release here in its entirety.

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