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Alsbridge Addresses Renegotiation As Part of the Sourcing Agenda

Renegotiation is rapidly moving up the sourcing agenda according to our client, Alsbridge.

As outsourcing markets mature, and supplier competition intensifies, many organizations are taking a fresh look at their outsourcing relationships, according to Alsbridge

In its just released brochure, Renegotiation Success: Upgrading your outsourcing Relationship, Alsbridge illustrates the five success factors needed to underpin good renegotiation practice:

    1.       Work collaboratively
    2.       Cultivate your options
    3.       Get the timing right
    4.       Understand the end-to-end renegotiation process
    5.       Know the market

Alsbridge believes renegotiation is a vital sourcing tool. However, it is at best complex, at worst highly disruptive.  Whether it is BPO, IT or any other function, organizations aiming to get the most out of outsourcing should recognise these lessons brought to the market by Alsbridge.   

Alsbridge Renegotiation Roundtable Dinner

To complement this new point of view, Alsbridge will be holding an invite-only Renegotiation Roundtable Dinner in June 2007 at the elegant Sartoria Restaurant in Savile Row, London.

This evening event will provide outsourcing decision-makers with an opportunity to frankly discuss the challenges and opportunities of renegotiation under Chatham House rules of confidentiality, and for Alsbridge to share its experiences and views on the latest market trends.

Individuals with an interest in attending should contact as soon as possible as places are strictly limited.

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