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Our Client, Jeff Pulver, Quoted in The Wall Street Journal – 2nd Day in a Row

Our client, Jeff Pulver, is on a roll.  For the second day in a row, he is quoted in The Wall Street Journal on a trends story about VoIPImages1This time it’s a page one story. 

Actually, we’ve been working with the writer of the story for several months as she was gathering background information on the state of the industry.

While the interviews were verbal, she came back to us with several questions as she was finishing up the piece. 

We responded in writing.  Here’s a few helpful tips:

1.  Try, when you can to respond in writing.
2.  When you do respond, respond in italics.
3.  Respond in conversational English-  the way you would want it to appear in print.
4.  Don’t respond in corporate speak.  If you can’t respond in simple, conversational 
     English, you don’t have your act together, or your message right.


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