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Our Client, IPeerX, Is Acquired

XConnect, the world’s largest provider of IP Communications Peering and Federation services and the operator of the XConnect Alliance, has announced that it has acquired our cilent, IPeerX, a leading US based VoIP peering company owned by industry-leader Jeff Pulver’s Enterprises, which is also our client. 

Founded in 2003, IPeerX was developed around the more than 100 VoIP companies that peer with Free World Dialup, a pioneering Internet communications company established by in the mid-1990s and which currently boasts more than 500,000 members in upwards of 180 countries. Members of the IPeerX service are VoIP carriers who exchange VoIP traffic based on multiple protocols, including SIP and H.323.  IPeerX provides its advanced services to more than 130 VoIP provider members, and operates one of the largest ENUM registries, representing over four million end users worldwide.

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